Extreme Foam Decking Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty is made by Extreme Foam Decking, in connection with the Buyer’s purchase of a Extreme Foam Decking product. This Warranty constitutes the agreement between Extreme Foam Decking and the Buyer as to any warranty provided by Extreme Foam Decking to the Buyer on the Covered Product.

Acknowledgements Of Buyer

By purchasing a Extreme Foam Decking product, Buyer accepts this Warranty and acknowledges the Buyer has read, understands and agrees to the terms and limitations of this Warranty.

What This Limited Warranty Covers

Extreme Foam Decking warrants to the Buyer (“Buyer”, for purposes of this Warranty, means only first purchaser of the Covered Product and does not extend to subsequent purchasers) that the Covered Products are free from defects in workmanship and materials at the time of manufacture and for a period of (36) months from the date the Products are installed from Extreme Foam Decking. The limited warranty provided hereunder is subject to the strict precondition provided that the Covered Products are used and maintained in accordance with all Extreme Foam Decking specifications for preparation, installation and storage.

What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover

This limited warranty does not cover the installation of the Product onto any surface, nor does it cover adhesion of the Product to the boat or to any other surface to which the Covered Products are applied. This warranty applies only to material and workmanship of the Covered Product itself. Some fading and/or discoloration of the Covered Products may occur with time and use in the marine environment; such fading and/or discoloration is not covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty covers only excessive fading or polymer degradation resulting from defective materials. This warranty specifically EXCLUDES deformation, discoloration or other damage to the Covered Product, and EXCLUDES all other damage or loss, resulting from the Covered Product’s being subjected to temperatures in excess of 79 ̊C/175°F (“Max Temp”). Max Temp may occur for example in certain specific installations which result in light amplification at the Covered Product surface due to reflection of sunlight from reflective surfaces or refraction of sunlight through light transmissive surfaces such as windshields or optically clear structures. Care should be taken to avoid installing the Covered Product in such areas. It is exclusively the Buyer’s responsibility to provide assurance that any particular installation will not exceed the Max Temp. Extreme Foam Decking shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from any application or use of the Covered Product which exceeds the Max Temp. Installations resulting in the Covered Product’s experiencing temperatures in excess of the Max Temp shall void this Warranty in its entirety. The PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) cannot be warranted as it is a product that may be effected by outside issues that might present a problem during installation which is beyond our control.

Limitations On Extreme Foam Decking Liability And Miscellanues Provisions

A. Extreme Foam Decking’s total liability under this Warranty shall not exceed the replacement value of the Covered Product. B. In no event will Extreme Foam Decking be liable under any theory of liability or be obligated for consequential or indirect damages of any type or nature. C. This Warranty shall not be assigned or transferred by the Buyer without the prior written approval of Extreme Foam Decking. D. This Warranty shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the state of Florida, United States of America.