Color options

Color Options

Extreme Foam Decking’s Color Options give you a number of different designs to choose from. If you’re uncertain about which is best for your needs, feel free to contact us, and get professional advice from the experts at Extreme Foam Decking!
Sand dollar Grey / Marathon Blue
Sand dollar Grey / Maui Blue
Sand dollar Grey / Sunset Orange
Sand dollar Grey / Sunrise Yellow
Sand dollar Grey / Black Pearl
Sand dollar Grey / Tahiti Green
Sand dollar Grey / Hurricane Grey
Hurricane Grey / Sand dollar Grey
Hurricane Grey / Okeechobee Green
Hurricane Grey / Maui Blue
Black Pearl / Maui Blue
Black Pearl / Lava Red
Black Pearl / White Sand
Black Pearl / Black Pearl
Treasure Chest / Black Pearl
Coconut Brown / Black Pearl
Coconut Brown / Seashell
Coconut Brown / White Sand
Arctic Camo / Black Pearl
Swamp Camo / Black Pearl
Key West Camo / Black Pearl